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SlideShow Bob: cross-platform Powerpoint?

What does SlideShow Bob do?

SlideShow Bob is a perl script that takes a series of Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images (although changing that is nearly as easy as gs/png/jpg) and creates a DHTML page that can move forward, backward, or jump to any point within them. The images are preloaded when the HTML page is run, so there is no need to worry about jerky or slow updating.

How do I use SlideShow Bob?

You need to download slideshow.tar.gz and un-tgz it. Having done this, place all of the files in the same directory as the images you wish to use. These images should be named like fname0.png, fname1.png, ... From this directory run ./ and answer the questions.
SlideShow Bob uses the module to create beautificated output. If you do not have this and do not wish to install it, just edit any references to it out of the Perl file.

Can I see the source code for SlideShow Bob?

If you click on the link very nicely, I might just let you.

Any future plans for this utility?

Yes, I want to make it a lot more general. SlideShow Bob was designed with one purpose in mind; namely to create a slide show of images from an experiment in the Physics department here at Oxford. As such I wrote it very much based around performing this one task, its code is too restrictive for applying it to anything else. I would like to:

Haven't you forgotten something?

Oh yes. Sorry. Powerpoint is a trademark of Microsoft.