Grind - Graham's Replacement for fIND

So what's wrong with find?

Nothing, per se. I mean, find works (which is currently more than can be said about grind at the moment), but it just isn't particularly UNIX. It's full of code that is redundant when find is included in any sensible toolchain. I refer to things like -exec, -ls, -cpio, -and and so on. All I want is a simple UNIX-esque tool that can act as a source or pipe, emitting a simple list of results with which I can do what I want. If I want to have ls-style output, I'll pipe it into xargs ls. If I want to create an archive, then I'll create some cunning pipe using cpio^Wtar. There, see? The -cpio code in find is already completely useless. So that's the motivation for grind, to cut out all of the find cruft and just keep the essential bits.

How well does grind work?

Full details of currently implemented features are in the file doc/README in the tarball, but a good summary would be to say that hardly anything works. The code for walking recursively through the directory tree exists and works (unless you're on NeXTSTEP :-(). It can currently find files by regexp, such as:

The functions that I am currently working on are those to find by date (compared to a control file). It's a little trickier than I first imagined, so if anyone's got any bright ideas, feel free to contribute them :-). I can be reached at g full stop lee at sign unix full stop net.

Can I download grind and have a play?

Yes, you can download grind. Feel free to modify it and distribute it on, but please could you include my details and some acknowledgements of my work in doc/README plskthx.